Urology Product Selection Guide

Byram Healthcare can help you choose the right catheter to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Byram Healthcare offers a large variety of the latest and most sophisticated catheters and accessories. We will work with your healthcare practitioner to help make sure you have access to the type of catheter that meets your specific clinical and lifestyle needs.

Types of Catheters


Straight Tip Catheter

People with an unobstructed pathway to the bladder can use this type of catheter.


Coudé Tip Catheter

Has a curved tip which is ideal for people who have trouble inserting a straight tip catheter due to an enlarged prostate, ureteral narrowing or scar tissue.


Closed System Kits

Closed systems offer a “touchless” insertion process which keeps contamination from being introduced into the urethra.

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Hydrophilic Catheters

Have a slippery coating that is activated by moisture, usually water or saline that is included with the catheter. This allows for smooth insertion of the catheter without the use of a lubricating gel.

Other Type of Urology Products

  • Foley Catheters
  • Male External Catheters
  • Leg Bags
  • Drainage Bags
  • Irrigation & Insertion Trays
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    We carry all of the major urological brands from the top manufacturers

    • Bard
    • Coloplast
    • CompactCath
    • Cure Medical
    • Hollister
    • Rochester Medical
    • Rusch
    • Wellspect

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