Transitioning to Medicare as your Primary Insurance

Before filing a claim, it is recommended to contact the Medicare Benefits Coordination & Recovery Center at (855)798-2627 to confirm their systems now show your primary insurance is Medicare.

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Making Your Move to Medicare

Medicare is healthcare insurance provided by the federal government, including for people who are 65 years of age and over. Transitioning to Medicare as your primary insurance can be challenging due to the many types of Medicare plans, coverage options, and the required enrollment forms. Once on Medicare, Byram simplifies the ordering process using your Medicare benefits.


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When You Should Call the Medicare Benefits Coordination & Recovery Center

  • Before filing your first claim after switching to Medicare as your primary insurance
  • When Medicare is your primary insurance and has denied your claim

One of our long-time customers called recently because their diabetic medical supplies insurance claim was denied by Medicare. She was extremely frustrated with Byram because we had stopped sending her supplies due to the denial of coverage. Unfortunately, this can occur after transitioning from private insurance to Medicare. The reason is that Medicare’s systems may still reflect your former insurance as primary, and not Medicare. Your only option to resolve this in a timely manner is to contact Medicare directly. As a Medicare provider, Byram must comply with the rules set by CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services), and we cannot provide medical supplies when Medicare denies a claim.


Before Transitioning to Medicare

Before transitioning to Medicare as your primary insurance, your best bet is to contact the Medicare Benefits Coordination & Recovery Center at (855)798-2627 before the date Medicare becomes your primary insurance and inform them of your start date. Be persistent with the customer service representative until they either confirm Medicare shows as your primary insurance in their systems, or, they take the time to update their records while you are on the call.


If You Have Already Transitioned to Medicare

If you have already transitioned to Medicare and they have denied your claim, explain to the customer service representative that your claims are being denied because Medicare thinks your previous health insurance is your primary. You will be asked a variety of questions by their representative so they can update their systems with the new information. Please keep in mind it may take a few weeks to fully reflect within all of Medicare’s systems. After this wait, have your medical supplier resubmit the claims and you should be good to go.

For more information about how to resolve Medicare denial of claims, visit Medicare Mindset or download the 2023 Medicare & You Guide.


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