Ostomy Care Product Selection Guide

Choosing the right ostomy supplies

At Byram, we offer a wide range of ostomy products for all of your needs. The pouches and barriers we carry are readily available in a variety of sizes and shapes to give you choice, access to proper sizing, and optimized comfort. We also offer all the important accessories you need to help manage good barrier adhesion, odor management, and skin care. By pairing our products with an ostomy manufacturer program, you’ll receive the best care with minimal effort.

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ostomy product guide

Pouches & Barriers

We offer a wide selection of pouches and barriers from the major manufacturers.

Skin Barrier Accessories

Most accessories are covered by insurance and can help you manage skin care, leakage, barrier adhesion and odor.

Custom Cutting

We offer two-piece system custom cutting to accommodate any stoma size for a proper fit.

Product Offerings

  • Pouches (Adult & Infant) Closed, Drainable, Opaque, Transparent, Filtered, One-piece and Two-piece systems
  • Barriers – Cut-to-fit, Pre-cut, Flat, Convex, Standard Wear and Extended Wear
  • Belts – Standard and Hernia Support
  • Accessories – Adhesive Remover Wipes, Skin Barrier Wipes/Film, Skin Barrier Sheets, Powder, Deodorant, Lubricating Deodorant, Paste, Barrier Rings and Barrier Strips

Custom Cutting Program 

Custom cutting is die-cutting the center opening of a barrier to fit the exact shape and size of your stoma. 

Custom cutting is the most beneficial six to eight weeks after surgery, once your stoma has shrunk and stabilized in size.

Benefits of Byram’s custom cutting service:

  • Provides accurate sizing and proper fit so less time is spent changing the appliance.
  • A better fit translates into longer wear time.
  • Decreased leakage issues and skin irritation.
  • Less skin breakdown which can translate into fewer physician visits.
  • Helpful for people with arthritis, vision impairment, or finger/hand dexterity problems.

How to Measure a Stoma

1. For oval stomas, the nurse/ostomate must provide the horizontal measurement.

2. The nurse/ostomate must also provide the vertical measurement.

3. The size for example would be: ⅞” w x 1¼” h

Disclaimer: The recommendations and information on this website should not be considered a substitute for personal medical advice or diagnosis. Before making any changes, consult your healthcare professional.


Ostomy Manufacturer Programs

Before you left the hospital, your ostomy nurse may have enrolled you in a program to receive product samples and ongoing clinical and educational support from one of the following manufacturers:

Coloplast Care Program

Convatec me+ Program

Hollister Secure Start Program

You  have the right to choose your own supplier to provide and bill your ostomy supplies to your insurance. Just let your ostomy product manufacturer know that you would like Byram Healthcare as your provider. They will transfer you directly to one of our ostomy specialists to place your order!

If you have not been enrolled in a manufacturer program by your ostomy nurse, you may do this yourself by visiting the manufacturers' website.

Explore our Ostomy Product Catalog

Along with our product offering, our catalog offers valuable information about insurance, education and more.

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