Ostomy Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Byram Healthcare is your partner in Ostomy patient management

Byram Healthcare is a leading provider of ostomy supplies in the U.S. It is the foundation of our company. We have been helping improve the quality of life for people with ostomies for over 50 years. Our goal is to ensure people with ostomies resume a healthy, normal lifestyle. We provide Convenience, Affordability and Choice™ you and your patients can trust and expect.

What Supplies are Covered by Insurance?

The table below outlines the quantity of supplies that medicare will reimburse for a given amount of time. Many health plans follow Medicare's guidelines. Higher quantities may be allowed by insurance. This depends on specific medical reasons documented by the physician in the patient's Chart Notes.


Our Caring Touch at Home™ Ostomy Program offers a dedicated customer service team focused completely on ostomy care. Our ostomy specialists are specially trained on the latest ostomy products, stoma management techniques, insurance reimbursement and coverage issues.

Byram has a proud heritage of providing clinical and educational support to ostomy patients. Our Ostomy CareLine is staffed by WOC nurses. We also provide stoma-specific patient educational materials.

We offer barrier custom cutting at no charge. Patients can have their barriers pre-cut to any size stoma, round or oval. This service is ideally suited for patients with dexterity issues or the visually impaired. Please note, 1-piece ostomy appliances and pre-cut skin barriers cannot be custom cut.

There is no delay in servicing patients on Medicare being discharged from a home health agency, saving the patient and agency unnecessary costs. We dispense orders the first day after discharge even if Medicare still shows an open episode.

For patients on managed care plans, our service begins immediately after the patient is discharged from the hospital into home health care.


We will advise you on allowable amounts for all types of ostomy supplies and will maximize all available insurances to lower or eliminate patient out of pocket costs.

We are contracted with the most comprehensive list of insurance carriers amounting to greater than 80% of people in the US. We will alert you to the local plans we accept.

Byram Healthcare is a Medicare participating provider.

Should a patient not have insurance that covers ostomy supplies, we understand the financial burden this places on a patient. Byram is pleased to offer a discount off the cash purchase.


Byram has one of the largest inventories of ostomy products in the country. We only carry brand name ostomy products from trusted manufacturers.

We fill the order as prescribed and require patient approval for any product changes.

Accountability Report

We offer you the opportunity to access an Accountability Report sent daily to your Email. This report provides you with a day end status on all orders you have submitted on behalf of your patients and keeps you in the know on important patient care issues, reducing multiple phone calls on order status. Please contact your Byram Sales Representative to gain access to this report.

Simple to use:

  • At the end of each business day, you will receive information on all orders.
  • Patients are listed alphabetically, with their date of birth for proper identification.
  • Orders remain on the report until they are shipped or canceled.