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What Our Customers Are Saying About Byram Healthcare

Byram Healthcare is a medical supply company for patients with chronic health conditions involving diabetes, wounds, ostomy, urology, incontinence, nutrition, as well as breast pumps covered by insurance. Everything we do is focused on improving the lives of our customers living with these conditions - including helping to simplify the complexities of insurance and healthcare related expenses. Below are examples of recent customer reviews and feedback highlighting the importance of our role in delivering medical supplies to our patients and customers.

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When We Were in Need, Byram Pulled Through for Us

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Helped me through that very tough time.

"This [mybyram] app and company are AWESOME!!!! Worked with them for 5 months recovering from colorectal cancer. Could not imagine anyone could do it better every question answered extremely helpful staff. Helped me through that very tough time. If you are in this situation they will be a great partner to help you through."

Nathan M - Customer Review


If I have a question, they will take the time to answer it.

"I have had nothing but good luck with Byram Supplies. I have not had any complaints on the service. If I have a question they will take the time to answer it. Totally satisfied. Thank you Byram Healthcare for your consideration."

Marsha B - Customer Review


I switched to Byram Healthcare... and I'm glad I did!

"I was having problems ordering and receiving required ostomy supplies (I was unfamiliar with Medicare requirements). I became frustrated with the company I was ordering from so I switched to Byram Healthcare... and I'm glad I did! I explained my situation to one of the supervisors who completely understood my frustration and dilemma. He worked with my doctor and nurses for many weeks (never giving up). He finally identified the correct explanation for the required products. However, he didn't stop there... he gave me the name of an associate who is now thoroughly familiar with my requirements. Ordering now is a breeze. She is a pleasure to work with and fully knowledgeable of all the products I require... a true professional. I can't thank Byram Healthcare enough for making my life better."

Chuck S - Customer Review


Couldn’t ask for better service!

"I’ve been a customer of Bryan Healthcare for several years and have never had a problem. Always pleasant and helpful and efficient. Couldn’t ask for better service!"

Kaye P - Customer Review


The customer service was great and delivery is speedy!

"I ordered a breast pump with Byram. It arrived at my door step THREE days later. I expected to wait 5-7 days at least. Luckily their shipping is fast as heck! I went into labor two weeks later at 36w pregnant! Now for the second thing I ordered was nutritional shakes...the customer service was great and delivery is speedy...and will absolutely use Byram in the future for my family's health care needs."

Des M - Customer Review


Thank you Byram!

"I use their website for reordering supplies. It’s beyond simple and explanatory, and can be done at any time on your phone or device. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my ostomy supplies, especially now I know I’ll need them permanently... I trust Byram and know they’ve helped countless others like myself. I’m in no way trying to minimize anyone else’s experience with them, I am only sharing my own as an ostomy patient who utilizes their goods and services. Thank you Byram!"

Kay J - Customer Review


Very kind staff

"Very kind staff that helped me to get the products I needed for my mother."

Darlene S - Customer Review


I am completely happy with Byram

"I am completely happy with Byram. They have met and exceeded ALL of my family member’s catheter needs. Thanks again Alicia and Byram."

Geoffrey S - Customer Review


I was very pleased with my customer service experience

"I was very pleased with my customer service experience. Fed Ex claimed to have delivered my package at noon. When I contacted Byram Healthcare at 1:30, no package, they called me right back, took all my information, made sure they had my address properly spelled, etc, and arranged to have a new package shipped out immediately...The rep I spoke with was very caring."

Lisa W - Customer Review


Fantastic customer service!

"Fantastic customer service! Always pleasant and fixes issues quickly."

Alex K - Customer Review


Thanks a million Byram

"I called this company in tears because I was out of supplies because of company hospital set me up with gave me the run around for 2 wks. Due to my shock this company immediately sent out my order. It is already a nightmare recovering from surgery without having people give you the run around. I will stay with this company until hopefully I can have reversal surgery. Thanks a million Byram."

Jody D - Customer Review


Going on 20 years, I have been a customer of Byram

"Going on 20 years, I have been a customer of Byram. They have shipped my supplies in emergencies to Europe, helped transition me to a more modern product, and send samples on request. I have found the phone operators helpful and knowledgeable and I've never had a wrong order or improper billing."

Holly D - Customer Review


Best place ever to order ostomy supplies

"Best place ever to order ostomy supplies. Been ordering from them for 6 years, very helpful and pleasant staff. Will never order anywhere else!"

Cindy E - Customer Review


I Will Recommend Byram Any Chance I Get

"I recently received an ostomy bag in which I’m not very good at. I went through more bags than I should have only to panic on trying to get more. My wife and I drove to Byram’s facility in Downers Grove, only to find out that they only take orders there and ship from another facility. I explained my situation and Michelle told us to come in. She took us to her office, gave us a couple samples and explained more about the bags and how to use them than the hospital did. I was floored by the service we received…and Bret set up our account over the phone. This was Monday Jan. 3. Omg my bags were delivered on Tuesday morning. Unbelievable service. My bag is temporary, but I will recommend Byram any chance I get because of the concern and dedication to help. Probably the best experience in my life. Thanks both of you."

Rick T - Customer Review


His Attitude was Focused on Helping Me

"Hi Christopher, I want to extend my thanks to you for being a “true” customer service rep in every regard…His attitude was focused on helping me and ensuring a replacement order was sent. He followed up contacting me (as he said he would) 2x...His commitment and follow up from a medical supplies company was what was needed. I so appreciated Christopher's commitment and wanted the company to know how valuable he is. Thanks again Christopher!!"

Elana S - Customer Review


You Take Away Stress While They are Fighting Cancer

"Just want to let you know that I have been hearing good comments from patient and family regarding your company. They are very appreciative and happy getting their wound and ostomy supplies from you. You take away stress from them while they are fighting the cancer, so thank you for taking good care of them. High five to both of you and Byram!! Thank you!!"

Maria Murphy, Wound Care Department, BSN, RN, Cancer Treatment Centers of America


Quick to Respond with our Ever Ending Needs

"Just a quick note to let you know how wonderful Joseph K. is to work with for our Wound Center. Joe is quick with responding to our ever ending needs in Mercy Health Wound Center. All the nurses speak highly of him. Joe is professional and resourceful and we truly appreciate all he does for us here.  I certainly hope Byram realizes what a great asset Joe is to your company."

Barbara Lewellen, BSN, RN, JavonBea Mercy Health System Wound Center


Excellent Customer Service from Byram!

"Debbie was sooo incredibly kind. I’m a 1st time patient and oof. All the bills and companies to call. I had so many questions that Debbie answered all and more without me asking! That’s above and beyond. Debbie made everything so easy to understand and made the whole process so streamlined. Fast too!! Lemme summarize: excellent customer service from Byram!!"

Sandy Y - Customer Review


Byram All the Way. Thank You.

"I call Byram and with no questions asked, listened to what I needed to say, understood exactly what needed to be done and within 7 days I had my sensors in hand. Byram all the way. Thank You."

James N - Customer Review


Goes Above and Beyond for our Patients and our Clinic!

"Within 2 hours, Victor was able to obtain approval for coverage (for a patient with type 1 diabetes) for the Dexcom G6.  I can’t express enough how much I appreciate Victor!!!  He is always available to help, he always follows through and he goes above and beyond for our patient’s and our clinic!"

Renea Parker, RN, Overlake Endocrinology Clinic


I Couldn't Be Happier with my Service. Thank You!

"I ordered a breast pump through my insurance with Byram Healthcare. I ended up going into labor 4 weeks early. They overnighted my pump so it was waiting for me when I left the hospital. Thanks to them, I've been able to supply milk for my baby in the NICU and had no wait. I couldn't be happier with my service. Thank you!"

Carole M - Customer Review


It was Nice to Speak to Someone that was Customer Focused

"After being rushed and transferred twice by previous reps, I spoke with Maddie in the Ostomy Dept. Maddie actively listened, empathized and offered solutions to my concerns. Being a new ostomy customer, it was nice to speak to someone that was customer focused and had a warm, welcoming tone during our conversation."

Gregory W - Customer Review


They Go Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

"I have had Byram Healthcare as my Ostomy supplier for almost 15 yrs... they go above & beyond the call of duty. Example: After I got out of the hospital, I needed home healthcare. The nurse tried to get me my Coloplast flat rings #2340 from their supplier, to no avail. Their supplier said I’d get them in 7 business! Not good enough since I only had 2 flat rings left! Bret (at Byram) shipped out 10 Coloplast flat rings & I received them the next day!! He saved the day! I’m so grateful to him!"

Robin H - Customer Review


We Have Received Excellent Treatment from Byram Healthcare

"My wife has cancer, and uses an Ostomy bag and supplies under authorization called Durable Medical Equipment. We have received excellent treatment from Byram Healthcare, and any problems have been addressed by representative Kayla. She is very knowledgeable of both the medical supplies needed and the steps required to get them approved, as well as ironing out any payment problems. Her help has been fast, efficient, and courteous. The 5 star rating has been earned."

Gabriel L - Customer Review