Wound Care Coverage and Reimbursement

Understand your coverage and reimbursement options for wound care dressings.

Byram’s expertise at Advanced Wound Care dressing reimbursement makes complex coverage easy. We are the reimbursement experts across all payers and insurance plans and know how to get you what you need without interfering with your busy day.

Coverage guidelines

Look to Byram Healthcare for a variety of reimbursement tools that help simplify coverage guidelines and documentation requirements.



The patient’s medical record must provide proper clinical justification for their dressings. All chart notes must align with the health plan’s coverage guidelines and must properly support the detailed physicians order.


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Dressing selection guide

Our Advanced Wound Dressing Selection Guide helps clarify which dressings may be covered for a specific wound.


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Non-Fixed Fee HCPCS Codes

Some dressings may not have "fixed fee" established by the health plan making their coverage and availability uncertain. Generally, most HCPCS code have a fixed fee established by CMS PDAC (pricing, data Analysis and Coding). However, some HCPCS codes are not assigned a fixed fee by PDAC. Claims for dressings associated with these HCPCS are adjudicated on a bases and require extensive documentation. These dressings may not be available due to coverage uncertainty.

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Available Dressing List

  • Alginate
  • Collagen
  • Foam
  • Silver
  • Superabsorbers



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