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Byram delivers high quality catheter supplies directly to your home empowering you to live your life to the fullest potential. youth in wheelchair at skate board park
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Why Byram is the Right Choice for your Urological Supplies

Byram Healthcare provides urology care solutions that fit each individuals' needs and insurance coverage. We carry one of the largest urologic catheter selections from the top manufacturers and our clinical support and insurance reimbursement experts help our customers better manage their conditions to live life to the fullest. Watch the video to learn more. 

Ordering Catheter Supplies is Simple and Convenient with Byram

Provide us with the products you would like, your insurance and doctor's information, and we'll handle the rest.

  • We contact your doctor and collect all necessary documentation.
  • We work with your insurance provider to get your supplies approved.
  • We accept Medicare, Medicaid and most insurances plans.
  • We'll help you choose the right catheter for your needs.
  • We provide access to all major catheter brands.
  • Expedited overnight delivery options available.*
  • Free standard ground shipping.**

The Byram Difference - Convenience, Affordability and Choice™

we verify insurance

Insurance Claims Experts

We verify your insurance and work with your doctor to collect all necessary paperwork.

experienced customer support

Exceptional Service

Our experienced customer service team and clinical staff will work with your doctor to help choose the catheter that’s best for you.

contracted provider

In-Network Coverage

Our broad in-network coverage provides a better financial experience with lower, in-network co-payments and deductibles.

Types of Catheters

Straight tip Catheter

Straight Tip Intermittent Catheters

A good choice for most people. People with an unobstructed pathway to the bladder can use this type of catheter.

Coude tip Catheter

Coude Tip Intermittent Catheters

Has a curved tip which is ideal for people who have trouble inserting a straight tip catheter due to an enlarged prostate, ureteral narrowing or scar tissue.

Closed System Catheter

Closed System Catheters

Closed system offer a "touchless" insertion process which keeps contamination from being introduced into the urethra.

Hydrophillic Catheter

Hydrophilic Catheters

Have a slippery coating that is activated by moisture, usually water or saline that is included with the catheter. This allows for smooth insertion of the catheter without the use of a lubricating gel.


Helpful and Knowledgeable

"Going on 20 years, I have been a customer of Byram. They have shipped my supplies in emergencies to Europe, helped transition me to a more modern product, and send samples on request. I have found the phone operators helpful and knowledgeable and I've never had a wrong order or improper billing."

Holly D Customer Review

Excellent Customer Service from Byram!

"I had so many questions that Debbie answered all and more without me asking! That’s above and beyond. Debbie made everything so easy to understand and made the whole process so streamlined. Fast too!! Lemme summarize: excellent customer service from Byram!!"

Sandy Y Customer Review

* New intermittent catheter patients with valid prescription and supporting documentation.

** Standard ground shipping included with qualifying orders.