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    Types of Catheters 

    Straight Tip Intermittent Catheters

    A good choice for most people. People with an unobstructed pathway to the bladder can use this type of catheter.

    Coude Tip Intermittent Catheters

    Has a curved tip which is ideal for people who have trouble inserting a straight tip catheter due to an enlarged prostate, ureteral narrowing or scar tissue.

    Closed System Catheters

    Closed system offer a "touchless" insertion process which keeps contamination from being introduced into the urethra.

    Hydrophilic Catheters

    Have a slippery coating that is activated by moisture, usually water or saline that is included with the catheter. This allows for smooth insertion of the catheter without the use of a lubricating gel.

    *On New Intermittent catheter patients with valid prescription and supporting documentation.