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Incontinence Supplies

Today, there are over 30 million people living with incontinence. Whether you are living with incontinence yourself or are a caretaker, Byram Healthcare is committed to improving your quality of life with high quality incontinence products and personal service. Our Incontinence Care Program includes incontinence support, product samples and information you need to create a comfortable, open dialogue with your healthcare professional or caregiver.

At Byram Healthcare we offer two Incontinence Care Programs that are designed to meet your incontinence supply needs:

Retail Incontinence Program: we offer high quality incontinence products at competitive prices that are shipped discreetly to your home. You can re-order your supplies online and sample products before you buy them to ensure optimal fit.

Medicaid Incontinence Program: in addition to the same quality products and delivery, we will check your eligibility and process your insurance.

Incontinence Supplies Feature

Discreet Home Delivery: Incontinence supplies are shipped directly to the customer’s door

Sample Program:
• Ensures proper fit to maximize comfort and security
• Reduces your out of pocket expenses and minimizes waste
• Minimizes risk for skin breakdown due to improper sizing
• Allows you to try one or more products before you buy

Patient Support Services: Promote continence and independence while enhancing quality of life

Medicaid Incontinence Program: Offers quality incontinence supplies and reimbursement expertise to Medicaid beneficiaries

Latino Program: Designed to eliminate language barriers and improve access to care; all labels, printed material and phone lines are available in Spanish

Incontinence Product Support CareLine1-877-902-9726 ext. 43390

Byram Healthcare offers a full line of incontinence supplies from leading manufacturers in the industry:
• Convatec
• First Quality
• Lantiseptic
• Smith & Nephew
• Sween
• 3M
Incontinence Products Include:
• Adult Disposable Briefs
• Protective Underwear
• Bladder Control Pads and Liners
• Skin Cleansers & Creams
• Chair and Bed Underpads
• Baby & Youth Disposable Diapers
*Medicare and most private insurance plans do not cover adult incontinence supplies. If you require these supplies and they are not covered by your insurance, call Byram today at 1-877-902-9726.

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