The FreeStyle Libre 3 CGM System Now Available+

  • Easy to use. Easy to apply. Easy to monitor.
  • Real-time glucose alarms with alerts when out of range.
  • Discreet sensor. Smaller than 2 stacked pennies.
FreeStyle Libre 3 Lifestyle + Smart device sold separately. FreeStyle Libre 3 now available to commercial insurance plans. To confirm your coverage and costs, speak with Byram Healthcare and your insurance provider. Deductibles, co-pays, and other conditions apply.

Performance You Can Count On2

Real-time glucose readings are sent every minute to your smartphone and can be viewed with a quick glance§.

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The most accurate2 14-day CGM system to help reduce time spent in hypoglycemia*3 and improve overall glucose control*3,4

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The world’s smallest5, thinnestII, and most discreet5 sensor—smaller than two stacked pennies5

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Painless to apply5 and wear5 with a simple 1-piece applicator

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Optional, real-time glucose alarms let you know the minute your glucose is too high or too low

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Our CGM systems are FDA-cleared for adults and children with diabetes, ages 4 years and above2. Swap sensors at your convenience.

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CGM uses a small sensor paired with your smartphone or a reader, instead of fingersticks.*†

The FreeStyle Libre App: Know it all from your phone

The FreeStyle Libre app gives you the freedom to view your glucose readings on a compatible smartphone instead of a reader.

You can download the FreeStyle Libre app from the App Store or Google Play for free.

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Watch Video on How to Use FreeSyle Libre 3