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Diabetes Supplies & Diabetes Products

Byram Healthcare, a medical supply company, meets the needs of our customers with diabetes as well as the healthcare professionals who provide diabetes care. We carry a full line diabetes products & diabetes supplies including diabetic testing supplies for self monitoring of blood glucose levels in the home, blood glucose meters, diabetes test strips, lancets, and insulin pump supplies. At Byram, we understand that skin integrity and breakdown are important aspects of diabetes management. Therefore, we carry a full line of skin care products as well as compression and specialty stockings. In addition, our Diabetes Care Program provides ongoing education, and clinical and diabetes product support for our patients.

Diabetes Supply Features:

Byram Benefits: Client focused initiatives designed to enhance understanding of the importance of blood glucose testing, ensure proper use of equipment and focus on compliance with prescribed testing regimens in an effort to improve health outcomes.

Latino Program: Designed to eliminate language barriers and improve access to care; all labels, printed material and phone lines are available in Spanish.

Specialty Pharmacy: We offer full prescriptive services with a focus on diabetes medications as well as diabetes testing supplies.

Uninsured Program: A cost effective program for self management of diabetes for individuals who are without health insurance.

Clinical Resources: Toll free diabetes care lines for clinical support from Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs) in between healthcare provider visits.

  Diabetes Clinical CareLine:
Staffed by our Certified Diabetes Educator
English: 1-877-902-9726 ext. 43397
Spanish: 1-866-302-4295

Diabetes Educational Program: local introductory diabetes education classes taught by a Certified Diabetes Educator

Diabetic Products Include:

Blood Glucose Monitors
Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems
• Lancet Devices
• Insulin Pumps
Blood Glucose Test Strips
• Lancets
Insulin Pump Supplies


Diabetes Supply Manufacturers Include:

• Abbott
• Bayer
• Animas
• Medtronics
• Home Diagnostics
• Lifescan
• Wavesense
• Roche


Browse the diabetes product catalog by clicking on the banner. Once open, click on the page numbers listed in the table of contents (page 2) to go directly to specific product sections.

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